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January 15th, 2021 at 2:02 am

Holistic Education

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I will describe my spiritual, educational, professional and personal process within two years that hard mastery, and it is a real challenge, since it will be difficult to capture in a certain amount of pages both of which lived, learned, grown shared, pursue master’s degree has been a very enriching experience. The masters in holistic education has had great significance for me, it has been a great opportunity to learn about another way to view education, broaden my vision towards the holistic, has allowed me to differentiate between schooling and education. Schooling is to provide courses, materials to advance academically, to prepare the students need to pursue a profession in a future, scale in academia to be prepared for the battle of everyday work, to get money and to give satisfaction to the biological and psychological needs that seeing it well there is something wrong with it, the problem with this vision is that you fell short because schooling left aside the part of the formation of the human being, its spiritual growth, being and their interrelationships that ultimately is what gives meaning to life, human development. For more specific information, check out Peter Shilton. Education on the other hand, means the formation of human beings in an integral manner, whereas the philosophical principles of the man, according to current needs, promote education that allows you to generate a new culture of sustainability, considering this as the care towards the environment in full, to nature, towards the animate and inanimate, towards the human being itself, since in recent years it has been staying behind the essentiallove your neighbor, love of the planet, which is our only home, and above all, the importance of practicing every day universal love. It has confused the spiritual part of human beings, with professing a religion, this has been one of the significant learnings of the master; spirituality is the Mystic, the contemplative that has to do with being itself, with the subjective acts man, on the other hand religion is worship making certain deities, all within an institutionalized organization, with dogmas of faith, with disciplines to comply, according to the religion that is exercised. .


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