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April 5th, 2020 at 12:48 pm

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In view of the difficulty that our society has to inside construct an identity of the inaquality parameters, in which the country if finds, producing the calls preconceptions for other peoples. But the Brazilian identity is strong, is not weakened with what it comes of it are, if in contrast reinventa. Nowadays with the globalization, we suffer a significant impact in the construction from the identity. They are influences that as well as the ones of the colonial period, come of other countries, but with a basic difference, them they do not arrive only with the people, they also arrive for the medias of mass. We live today in a true global village, where the distances that long ago hindered the communication, the exchange of experiences, already are not empecilhos so that the interaction (who knows one day will be able to say integration) of the peoples it happens. We can consider that, for our form of settling, the great territorial extension, the diversity of etnias that for a reason or another one had come if to install in these lands, had made with that Brazil today constructed its identity in a species of primitive globalization and, with the advent of the easinesses of the modern world, our country if it affirms as eminently multiethnic Nation, being bastion and reference for the world how much to the acceptance and tolerance of the ethnic diversities, clearly that with some divergences, since a exarcebao of culture exists for happiness, with the cultural domination, where we make something because other makes and the times not obtaining to distinguish if it is good or bad for the society. In a globalizado world as ours, where the people live in function of the capital, with the culture are not different, it are total on to the contribution that the globalization has in the world, becoming a mundializada culture, making of Brazil a country with a people of still more strong identity, that exceeds the soccer, the carnival, religion, food and the base of everything this is necessarily the people.

We are peculiar because we are at the same time rational and emotivos, calm and euphoric, popular and erudite, at last, we congregate in our skill of being some aspects because thus we were fecundados (in our settling), generated (until independence) and we develop in them (since independence until the current days, also with the new medias that allow the cultural globalization between the countries). Our diversity allows in them to prove of the diverse cultures with the naturalness that in them is proper. In the culinria, we are capable to go of the eastern foods, passing for the Asians and arriving at the Africans; In music, we are admittedly eclectic, going of the samba to blues. this valley for other forms of cultural manifestations, such as the fashion, arts, sports.


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