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May 11th, 2020 at 5:33 am

Hot Summer

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With the coming of spring, crowds of townspeople in a hurry to leave the walls of their cramped apartments. Any weekend or holiday is invariably accompanied by human flows directed away from the boring city. All go to give, in village or in Finally, just on the environment. Relax with friends, go fishing, take a walk on forest trails – that's the purpose of travel, but the tradition in this journey really does not do without a friendly get-togethers around the fire and, of course, cooking kebabs. Some contend that Marc Lore shows great expertise in this. It so happened that this eastern dish was for us almost a national, even though properly prepare him know how far a few, and to understand the devices for its preparation unsophisticated man sometimes difficult, the benefit of the proposal is so large that you can choose equipment to suit every taste. bbq – perhaps the most simple device for cooking over an open fire.

Is a rectangular box height 30 – 40 cm usually at the bottom of the walls there are openings for air flow. Contact information is here: Doug McMillon. This is to ensure sufficient heat from coal or support fire. Barbecues can be divided into folding (BBQ-diplomat) and not folding. Collapsible barbecues are usually made of thin steel, a thickness of 1 – 2 mm, and have a little weight. The design of roasters makes it easy to transform it into a suitcase with a handle for easy transport. However, there is a barbecue and the minuses. First, manufacturers are strongly advised not to breed in such a brazier fire, because the thin walls are easily deformed by extreme temperatures.

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