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How Get I Used My Dog To The Dog Box?

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With these 15 tips and some patience succeed guaranteed, to familiarize your dog with the new dog box. The dog not only with negative experiences in conjunction should bring a dog box, E.g. only veterinarian visits. Many writers such as kevin cash offer more in-depth analysis. Make short trips by car with your four-legged friends and connect them with a beautiful walk. At home, the dog box with beautiful experiences should be enriched. Learn how this can happen in our 15 tips. Rush nothing. Take some time to accustom your dog to the dog box before the first usage of the crate.

Create a good first impression. It succeeds best by a cushion with a cuddly dog blanket to Revet the dog box. Build an intimate atmosphere. Dogs trust their olfactory. atter here. If the pad and the dog blanket familiar smell, the dog feels the same is much more comfortable in his new box. Place the crate in the living room and throw a few treats behind the box, if the dog just not look.

Now the dog the treats behind the dog box itself must To find. Your dog will love this hidden object game. As a next step, give the treats in the crate and make there find your dog. Now, take a favorite chew toy and attach it inside the box so that the dog must lie in the box, remember to chew. To make it interesting the chew toy, you can fill it with tasty things. Keep the door of the crate open at any time during the initial settling in period. After a few days practice, you start to teach the dog to go on command in the box and come back out. Take a luxury treat that you throw a simple command in the box again. Don’t forget the praise when your dog in the box goes and eats his luxury treat. Encourage him back off the box to come up, but only with words (without food as a reward). Repeat the exercise a few times. Should walk your dog in the crate, then stop the exercise and try again at a later date. After the success of the exercise, i.e. Your dog goes on command in the dog box and also come out, the time has come to close the box. Do the next exercise best in a familiar situation, for example in television in the evening. Leave your dog in the box and reward him with a particularly interesting chew toy. Then for a few moments, close the door of the crate. It is important that the dog makes very good experiences with the closed box of dog. Leave in the meantime always times out again and again go into it without closing the box. Stay cool, do you mean: no praise, if you open the crate. It will now not be long, and your dog remains quiet even during an evening of television in its box and makes a NAP. Managed! Your dog will be now so familiar that it can go with the crate on the trip.

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