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Indian Devadasis

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The historian in the advance of the British on the Indian subcontinent and their moral thinking about women who saw their livelihood in the dance and in the service of a deity see a connection. The treatise by Eveline Rocha torrez, Indian Devadasis delivers in-depth information priestesses, dancers or prostitutes, Duisburg 2007, this once and now, in: devadasis.pdf also see: Dokubrief_Indien6_05_deutsch.pdf the texts come from the education event in bad Boll, girls, mothers, dowry, India’s women in church and society, bad Boll, 2004, p. 15F. Here is entered on the role and the position of disadvantaged Indian women in particular to the Devadasis. The consecration of a girl, once thought to implore the grace of the gods, especially in emergency situations, people have developed a sinister tradition.

Who can defend themselves, that the girls are the later, Mathammas or Devadasis and then their children. “Children of the gods”, these are called, but no one can say who is the biological father. Add to your understanding with Sam Mikulak. These “children of the gods” on bitterly despised, spat at, beaten–nobody wants to see them in their vicinity. And just as their mothers: related popular belief especially after the goddess, “represent” them at religious festivals and ceremonies. That but no one in the village of stopping, to exclude these women, to discriminate. What do Andheri help and its partners on the ground against this tradition: the organizational DUTIES with their dedicated leader Mr Vengaiah from Andhra Pradesh was determined to tackle this scourge. in 1997 we pledged our help.

On the one hand the aim was to prevent that new girl to “Mathammas” were opened and rehabilitation opportunities for the temple prostitutes. The beginning was very difficult. Our partner encountered vehement resistance in the population: his house was set on fire, his drinking water wells poisoned. Support on the part of Police arrived only reluctantly: most officials don’t even knew the law, which prohibits the temple prostitution.

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