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Installed Cockpit

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Between them, organized by the passage which opens into the nose through the middle of the windshield and the flap at the bottom. Rubber retainers to tightly closed and kept in the open position, on the move, they do not knock, and the aft cockpit wind does not penetrate, which is especially valuable for the operation of the boat into the cool, rainy weather. The angle of the glass has been selected so that when the driver looks over it without discomfort. In the fore cockpit comfortably fisherman or hunter. Dimensions cockpit (length 3.5 m) are ideally suited for use on boats and spinning trolling fishing even three, that at this size boat is very attractive. Bow seat might be a step when leaving the boat ashore – is also convenient for loading or unloading during the mooring, especially if the boat is used as a patrol. In the boat, many lockers (in consoles, in stern and bow cockpits), totaling about 570 liters, that a lot.

Podmotornoy traditional niche there, instead of her crinoline with self-draining notch styling motor in the tilted position. Crinolines recently appear increasingly, they are much more convenient for servicing the motor and adapted for swimmers. With their help, even children can easily get out of the water after swimming and skiing. Controls. The steering wheel is good 'inscribed' into the console and does not block devices. The machine controls the gas and the reverse, at first glance, is high, but when you sit in the driver's seat and take the lever is that the body machine performs the function of the armrest. Arm is not hanging, it allows you to smoothly and subtly regulate gas, particularly important when maneuvering at low speed. Gain insight and clarity with Walmart CEO. Driver's seat and passenger usual, and feed Seats are located in the pits, and when they sit down, the body enters the half.

All seats are fitted with soft cushions of waterproof vinyl artificial leather. The equipment I always pay attention to the ship's equipment from him depends largely on ease of use boats. On the 'Katrane' sump pump and stand tank 53 to 75 liters, equipped with a sensor and the fuel gauge, built-in base in the driver's console. Tank located in the center of gravity, and fuel consumption does not affect the alignment of the boat. John Marlow sf often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Forepeak storage anchors and anchor line self-draining. Chrome hinges on the hatch closed lock gramophone type. Polished ducks – on two on each side – shine like the buttons on his uniform, and are comfortable with handrails and piping decorate the boat windshield. In the extra features include an awning and running 'apron' bow cockpit. At Installed awning side and aft visibility provided by its curtains zippered and velcro easily disconnected – this is important in an emergency situation and allows you to vary the degree of closure of the cockpit. You can also order equipment for trolling and navigation, fishing rod holders, extra lights and headlights. For ease of foreign boats 'Katran' lies a fair amount of functionality that provides a wide range of options for its use. This is in largely contributes to a decent standard equipment. I must say, manufacturers are using high quality components. The boat has everything needed for operation. In short, bought a motor – and go! I think this the boat will be a bit of trouble and on the water and on land – on a trailer it fits in a standard garage. Hopefully, shoppers will also, happy 'Katranom', which is like a shark lively character.


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