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May 10th, 2020 at 3:18 am


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We live in the present, but something always pulls us back in time. We are interested in ancient and lost civilization, the ruins of the city lost in time, and everyday life of people and nations from which only remained a small, barely noticeable piece of rock paintings, by the way, drawn by unknown and no one knows when. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak oftentimes addresses this issue. We are interested in the stars that were extinguished millions of years ago and in their place, formed a nebula or other stars. We even horoscopes and ask about his future, by the way, those same stars, which are long gone and only their inane annoying light receptors in our eyes. Those same stars that excite the hearts of lovers and raise their relationship to such height, which for centuries inspired poets and scholars born in the minds of brilliant ideas. Additional information is available at Doug McMillon. Some of these ideas can make our lives easier, while others destroy everything. Quite a lot of stars do that long ago died. And this interesting.

And our thoughts and feelings? Our brains, which gives rise to these thoughts and feelings. Brain, which draws a picture, which themselves can not understand. I wonder how he takes it all? And whether animals dream, and whether they remember their dreams? If they These dreams are certainly seeing. And in general about the future, the past is shorter than what this garbage is that? Time is everything, life is lived in time, speed, a derivative of the time, even the resistor can be expressed through time. And so the fact that light has a speed roughly equal to (C) and then moves well in time, and that means if we want to see a table, then we should see the light reflected from it and not the table itself, the very table we do not see. But the most not interesting, what we do not see the table, and the fact that light has speed and all that we see (ie not visible), all shorter than in the past and the farther away an object, the old thing of the past if the past exists.

Brad, is not it? But wonder how. I wonder, I wonder, I wonder. Why am I wrote all this nonsense. Simply does not matter if you can get answers to all your questions, certainly can not, but so pleasant emotions is a trait as curiosity. Interest can it you'll find the answer. I wonder who all need it?

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