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June 6th, 2020 at 11:11 pm

Internal Game

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It is then that you stop Reacting and you begin To respond before the situations of the life, because literally are designing you them with the approach of your deliberate attention in which you wish to declare. If you want to create prosperity in your life what type of beliefs are more advisable? If you want to identify opportunities what class of INTERNAL GAME posibita you to identify OPTIONS? Aplicativo exercise: 1.Escribe 20 beliefs that you have about the money and the prosperity. 2. Once you have lists pregntate if they are truth or they are something that you chose to believe or they are the belief of somebody more than you adopted like yours. 3.Dale the return to each negative belief.

Explanatory examples: Limitor belief: In order to secure money it is necessary to work very hard. Potenciadora belief: There is much people who work doing what love and make very good money, What mistresses to do reason why you would be arranged to receive money? It discovers your talents and brete to the opportunities, your Internal Game will also change and the same form of verte and to the world. IT CHANGES YOUR INTERNAL GAME AND YOU WILL SEE BRILLIANT RESULTS In the intelligence field that is the Universe the quality of our attention plays a fundamental role since, what elgimos to observe it is what we created with the quality of our own attention..


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