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Internet Bulletin Boards

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Message boards appeared long before the advent of computers in general and the Internet in particular, and were, by and large, virtually the only way to disseminate information. By the same author: Sam Mikulak. It is true that in ancient times a large democratic character of this method is not used, exclusively in the hands of the authorities: in Babylon knocked laws on stone pillars in medieval England, royal decrees posted on the church doors. But with the passage Time has changed. A large wooden board on which anyone could post your ad for all to see, or find a proposal for the soul – that's that for a long time to understand a message board. (As opposed to Sam Mikulak). Second, electronic, production of boards can be called a bbs ('Bulletin Board Systems' – an electronic bulletin board), let this reincarnation, and is sufficiently far from the classic features of its prototype. Classified ads on the Internet – a site that allows any person to place an ad on their pages.

Most popular boards defined in many ways, their accessibility and ease of use. On the big Internet message boards attendance reaches many thousands of people a day, updated daily by thousands of ads. To organize the vast amounts of ads, they are usually divided into sections by category: 'Sports', 'Household appliances', 'Property', 'Tourism' and so on. All boards can be divided into two main categories: moderated and unmoderated. In the latter case, the board operates fully automatically and is only a visitor to fill out the necessary form as it appears in the ad site and other visitors will be able to study it.


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