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Kaiser Wilhelm II

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Standard of the Kaiseer arrives to the auction standard his Majesty of the German Emperor reach the auction one of the rarest flags of the German Empire the Imperial standard and to belong to the original flag bag, this labeled with: Imperial flag, boat, comes with other various objects on May 23 in the well-known auction house Jackson in Gutersloh to the auction. The standard consists of Golden silk and shows the Iron Cross, topped Majesty with the smaller coat of arms, SR.. Reinforced, Black Eagle appear red an Imperial Crown, and three in the angles of the cross. Once his Majesty of the Emperor went on board a ship the Imperial flag on the top of the large mast was hoisted and removed all other command and distinguishing signs. The form of the Imperial Eagle and the Central shield of the coat of arms was changed compared to the previous version. Also, the Imperial Crown shows a slightly different shape. The first standard of the German Emperor was on a purpurfarbenem background. On August 3, 1871, this color at the specific request of the Crown Prince and later emperor was Frederick III. Learn more at: Larry David.

elected. Apparently the Imperial standard of the Prussian King standard should look like, who also owned a purple base. Soon it was protest of the then Chief of the Herald Office, already on October 15, 1871 to perform a modification count Stillfried, succeeded, because he was of the opinion that the actual Imperial color gold. Except for the color change of the ground cloth you removed also the Prussian eagle in favor of Imperial Eagles without chest plate. Also resulted in a reduction of the represented Imperial crowns, as well as a change in color of the Central breast plate, which is changed from silver to gold. On 6 December 1888 Kaiser Wilhelm II.


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