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December 23rd, 2015 at 5:02 pm

Karat Machida

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In reason of this, all have interest for the techniques and strategies of the JJB, either for curiosity, either to carry through them, either to correct the weak points in order not to be victims of a practitioner JJB, this last one are what more frequent it happens, with bigger possibility in the MMA, a time that anti-JJB is favored by the high physical capacity of the MMA athlete, that beyond strong, resistant and very explosive, emerge with a superior physical profile, of the type of avantajada spread, undisputed seno we see the Jon Jones and Anderson Silva. In the MMA the JJB is being desconstrudo in bigger speed of what constructed. But independent to make anti-JJB or to use the JJB in the MMA, the athletes proceeding from other martial arts, to it they will practise the JJB, they only strengthen the performance and development in its fight of origin in the MMA, we see Matt Hughes (Wrestling), (Muay Thai) and Lyoto Machida (Karat), at last, an exchanger or wrestler learns JJB to continue to develop and to execute techniques of Trocao or Ground and Pound in the MMA, while one the same does not see how much the JJB practitioner. The practitioner of JJB when initiating in the Trocao or Wrestling, abandons its art of origin, not how much to practical, because the all fighter of MMA even trains JJB, but how much to the development strategical technician and, as well as how much to the use as half of control and definition of fight in octgono, exactly that supported for other fights, thus, equivocadamente, it treads very in the evolution of other arts, reverting little in favor of the JJB. The Machida is black band of JJB, but who is its Karat it always perfects as main objective of fight, extending its strategical techniques and, as much that already a proper condition acquired, called Karat Machida, obtaining to return the traditional Shotokan as excellent style in the Karat, before more well-known for the Kyokushin style in the MMA events K-1 (Kickboxing).


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