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November 13th, 2018 at 6:26 am


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other materials. Many materials are used for embroidery, and to this day. To broaden your perception, visit Sam Mikulak. Over the millennia, going improvement of new ways of sewing and embroidery. Initially, people used to sew bone and stone awls, then began to use bone, bronze needles, and from XIX century to the present day is used for sewing and embroidery steel needles. Walmart does not necessarily agree. So as each nation has its own nature, its way of life, culture, trade relations, neighborhood relations, and patterns in embroidery, as well as the colors each has its own, reflecting the artistic taste and skill of each shows people. In the popular costume jewelry and household items for embroidery should apply from the end of XIII-XIV began in France, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The most widely circulated was a white expanse and sequentially, used in embroidery and geometric floral patterns. In the Nordic countries practiced embroidery color hair. Ancient history in embroidery and in our country. She has graced not only clothes but also shoes, household items, housing, horse harness, headgear. In the Altai were found carpets, clothing, shoes noble Scythians, adorned with applique of leather, felt, gold and metal buckles, beads, beads.

The find dates from the VI – III centuries. BC During the excavation Mounds in the European part of Russia were found the remains of clothing Scythians and Sarmatians, who lived in I – III centuries., embroidered with gold, silver, silk and wool threads. In Kiev the monastery of St. Andrew's sister, Vladimir Monomakh Princess Anne-yankoy opened one of the first schools for embroiderers. In her mastery of embroidery with gold, silver and silk threads were taught young girls.


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