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November 3rd, 2013 at 12:39 pm

Lady Gloria

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Now there was only waiting for men to go to work the next day for them to carry out its purpose. The expected day had arrived, the girls gathered very early in the morning at the House of Lady glory who gave them the bad news that she not could accompany them since I had to do a few very important paperwork. Listening to this, Francisca and others are discouraged, but Mrs Gloria told them that they didn’t because folded down, since the mere fact of having planned what were going to do was a very important achievement that she would have not occurred him and neither would have been able to carry out. With all these words girls were in search of their objective. Arriving in the big city they were launched, everything was going very well, the people at its around watched with astonishment face, since all were too small to walk protesting. When facing the Palacio de Gobierno, the girls arranged his posters saying: want more equality between men and women in the town of EDEN, the men not are more important that women, among others. In all the time who were outside the workplace, would adding them more people to protest, not only women but also men of different ages, who found just what they were protesting. After a few hours, approached a Government Palace Guard who asked that it was what they wanted.

-We want to hear some important representative so that you can solve our problem, said Francisca. -I can not do anything, – said the guard – but I will try to speak with someone who will help them since I had heard of this problem and is very unfair. Ten minutes passed and the Guard arrived with a man of advanced age, which to the surprise of the girls was the President, who asked them to spend to discuss their dilemma and arrive at a solution. The meeting was very extensive where Francisca and others raised all the injustices that occurred in the town. To hear this President called his Secretary and told him that it would impose the necessary strength so that the village be established as all others without inequality between men and women.

To that the time of arrival of the men of his work, were waiting for them a large amount of public forces, who headed the Chairman wanted to arrive at a solution without having to use force. As expected the men did not accept anything of what they told him the President, so he gave them one chance to make things work as expected, with equality and harmony between all the village. Men reconsidered when they saw that the vast majority of them had taken them arrested days after the President’s visit. And it was thus as men and women, all in a full fraternity lived, there was no discrimination and together they formed a neighborhood Committee, where the Chairman or better said President was Lady Gloria, in majority elected by all the girls who accompanied Francisca. They created an educational establishment for children, more jobs for women and for men, and so they did not have to go to work on other side. Their homes were rebuilt and in this way he was growing the town, with a memory that was engraved in everybody’s mind: the Group of girls which gave a twist to the story of a town.


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