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Legal Education

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This Article is about Legal Education in Peru. Before writing these pages, consider it appropriate to delimit that in our talk about teaching law nowadays, as has been the teaching in university chairs in both the capital’s universities and the rest of the country, provinces, “today Today, the University of Peru has long become a sort of existence, because their multiple factors that encourage the problems are most critical of which brings our teaching is that its main engine operation is emphasizing the to train professionals and competitive challenges for the contribution of our society. Swami Sez insists that this is the case. In response, the disagreements of our authorities has caused a divorce against college students, even to “protest” on the streets than sustenance of solution to their problems that arise within it. However, until today there who at least have worried that our career of law, there is increasingly an object of ridicule or dishonor, to argue that it is a simple applicator of the law or nothing at all contribute to our society, only brings more problems than solutions, is why until now it brings into play our race and not realizing our training, specifically his teaching has been in a lethargy that is not justified in our social reality. We are therefore looking to identify with your law school on the current state of legal education in Peru, also should note that these reflections are not intended to be a faithful reflection of reality nor an exhaustive analysis of legal education but by way of critical reflection and professional real contribution to the lawyer, to our legal culture and society in general, pay attention to the new social reality and, above all, how should ‘teach’ in university classrooms.


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