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Linux Platform

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The big advantage of 4-noks products is that wireless and “Plug & play” fast and easily not only star-shaped, sending point-to-point networks, but also so-called “mesh”, so reticular structures allow. (Not to be confused with Randall Rothenberg!). All 4-noks products are suitable by using the ModBus Protocol for the application in the industrial as well as in building automation, in the automotive and transport industry and in the field of energy management applications for smart metering, smart grid and smart home. Along with the software e.hive of the company oak the system becomes a scalable solution for energy management, E.g. in hotels, restaurants, historic monuments and buildings. Vulnerabilities are uncovered and enabling of 20-30% energy savings. Power telematics platform owa3X now with Bluetooth smart (BLE) and Wi-Fi to the novelties, the m2m Germany at the fair present, one Linux OS based power telematics platform owa3X of the Spanish partner Owasys.

It is thanks to Bluetooth smart wireless sensors now possible, smarte to connect, across independently working with small button cells for years. This enables novel applications for inventory and localization, tracking and storing inventory. In terms of asset tracking is therefore automatically seen, if goods, or be discharged. The same applies to the automatic inventory and goods taken or distance to be registered. As environmental sensors are possible, such as temperature, humidity or pressure.

Through integration with the Owasys platform data can be immediately transferred and evaluated. The WiFi connectivity allowing users to owa3X direct interaction with tablets, smartphones, laptops or printers. With the access point option mobile hotspot applications are possible, for example for surfing in trains and buses or taxis. Also with the new wireless system-on module APx4 of Bluegiga is m2m Germany represented: APx4 is a wireless low power system-on module with integrated WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0, ARM processor and Linux, which provides an ideal platform for the rapid development of new, innovative, wireless gateways. The Bluegiga APx4 software can be easily extended or tailor to individual needs, by adjusting the Linux operating system with the help of applications. The system includes already Ethernet and audio interface, and you can also easily extend, ranging from a 3 G modem up to a touch screen. The integrated ARM9 processor is the ideal basis for the combination of wired and wireless applications, for example for gateways in health and fitness, building and home automation, M2M communications, and other industrial connectivity. The APx4 Development Kit contains a complete hardware development platform for the APx4 and the software SDK, which allows for the Linux operating system of APx4 to compile applications.

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