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LLC Makstri Limited

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Based on this, the company has registered certificated stocks, acquiring that person automatically becomes a shareholder (partner) company and sdedovatelno has the right to future dividends, and the company generates capital for opening their own franchise outlets. In addition, given the fact that in Russia (namely from Russia, the company began its activities), many people do not have the money to buy shares in the company gives everyone the opportunity to earn what is called the ‘from scratch’, using the principles of network marketing. 2.Sposoby business. Here the main feature is that the company will provide Franchisees not only the technology, brand name (brand), suppliers, equipment and other necessary things for business, but, in my opinion, the most important thing takes on all accounts and relationships with tax authorities in terms of paying taxes. 3.Privlechenie franchisees. It’s no secret that today attract a franchisee is not an easy task.

And here the company ‘New Franchising Systems, Inc.’ also uses the know-how. In addition to own shareholders who wish to start their own point (as such there are many, because the company will act as guarantor for loans), the Company will prepare, again because of its own shareholders, individuals, advertising this type of franchise with the right to conclude a franchise agreement praktcheski in all cities where there are shareholders. To date, it has more than 280 cities in Europe and the CIS. Summing up the results can be noted that for the period the last six months, the company ‘New Franchising Systems, Inc.’ completed more than 5000 shares and has reached the milestone of 15,000 shares, and proceeded to the next stage postoroeniya business, namely the discovery of the first point of public power in Moscow. At a recent online business conference which was held on November 3, 2010. with a report made by company president Willie Cloos.

At the conference the following conclusions: 1. Despite the negative comments and skeptics detractors, the company has been around for 2 years and developed according to plan, in contrast to the companies ‘ephemera’ that guarantee profits, and subsequently disappeared. 2. Opened an office management company LLC Makstri Limited ‘. 3. A corporate identity company. 4. Created a team of technologists to work out the process. 5. Developed menu offered in the cafe pancakes. 6. Started selection of suppliers of raw materials for production quality products. 7. Selects equipment appropriate concept of doing business in the cafe at the pancake franchise. 8. Organized a tender for construction of the project (design, equipment installation). 9. Leased premises under the first cafe. 10. Business is put on a fundamental basis, which requires time and effort, thus rely on quick dividends is not necessary. But at the same time, it should be said the chief: a solid business in the future, I think in 3-5 years, will bring considerable profits to each shareholder in the form of passive income. 11. Component of the franchise in the business will start no earlier than half a year, but the MLM component continues to operate and generate revenue active partners, shareholders. More complete information about the company ‘New Franchising Systems, Inc.’ You can find my blog “Cafe Pancake on a franchise.

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