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May 15th, 2020 at 3:11 am

Lourdes Irene Autor

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Pathetically still thinking in this exclusive world, that human beings have different value. It will be possible that this 2010, we have to be more inclusive, more horizontal? However these days of new year’s Eve also allow us to make a stop for reflection, to try to take stock of this year which is already going to regardless of how much we have achieved, the important thing is to have the desire to continue betting, to continue the fight as I said my mother, in the world there are many talented, too many professionals, but few persistentthat is put into action on a daily basis to build their dreams great truth; but the great dilemma is how put it into practice, perhaps learning to be PERSEVERING can be our big challenge for this new year. Between us; for me, any day of the year is a good time to celebrate life, to celebrate being alive, vital, complete, with ability to love, give, understand, listen, forgive, be horizontal and inclusive. Why in these festivities of new year, I wish to propose them make a toast for ourselves, the magic of nature, by being part of this wonderful planet, by being part of this era, turbulence, uneven, heavy, uncertain, but at the same time wonderful, unique, and our. John Marlow San Francisco often says this. Also invite them to make a real and viable annual declaration of his intentions, challenges and improvements here I share mine some points may also be part of your wishes, perhaps others do not, but importantly leave with something else that wishes this new year here the shipping them, perhaps motivate and also make your own statement and commitment to put them in action.

Here are: 1. spend more time with me self. 2. You may wish to learn more. If so, Marc Lore is the place to go. Pay more attention to the simple things of life 3. Laugh more than myself and smile at the other 4. Give more time and attention to my 5 family.

Spend more time with my 6 friends. Jogging more often and more time contemplating the Sea 7. Listen more and speak less 8. Keep trying to be more simple 9. Be fair and inclusive and share more with the other 10. Wake up early and watch the Sunrise 11. Understand it better and play more with Irina 12. Achieve touching the top of these three long-awaited mountains for many moons and share these stunning wonders that they are finished (by this fearsome heating) with those who may not get to contemplate them 13. Travel more and read even more 14. Finish everything I start, nothing like close circles 15. Continue sharing more with those who have less and is not only a question of money, there are much loneliness in the world, a word of encouragement never hurts, and finally, I can only tell you thousand thanks for being there giving me your valuable time to read this small catharsis of end of year thank you for having been with us throughout this year, pending this blog, thanks for your comments, suggestions and thanks for his silence, it is important that they were with us sharing this fascinating adventure in the world of travel. Now only remains to you and I we dive in this wonderful journey of 365 days no matter be hard road, there will always be shortcuts that allow us to reach the goal dreamed only persists, don’t dream and never forget to smile. That is the big secret… REWARDING AND HAPPY YEAR 2010.


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