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Program 1C: Enterprise built-in programming language used on which are written without exception 1S configuration – typical and not typical. With skills in working with the program 1C: Enterprise mode "Porsche", the specialist has the ability to make arbitrary changes to a particular algorithm of the 1S configuration, change the appearance of the program (reports, manuals, documents, journals, etc.), create new configuration objects, etc. That is why the system of programs 1C: Enterprise is called universal. Taking the typical configuration, for example, 1C: Trade Management, a specialist can adapt it to specific company of any scope through completion of certain arrangements and configuration objects. This process is called "finalizing 1s." Moreover, using the same built-in language specialist in the state create an entirely new configuration, if we are talking about very specific areas of automation of trade, production or other human activities.

With the participation of all interested persons are detailed specification, which describes all the key moments created by the configuration down to the smallest detail. Designing such a configuration is time-consuming, but the result is get exactly what they wanted to get. The system performs those functions that we need – no more and no less. The advantages created "from scratch" configuration are obvious, but there is one major drawback – long development time and, consequently, high costs. Create additional sub-system based on the existing configuration is much simpler.

A language can also be used to create new "Treatments" – the mechanisms for mass processing of any data. For example, by means of built-in language 1c may be a mechanism for loading data into 1s from the program with which you have worked before (for example, Info-Accountant, Sail, etc.). If the data is very high, move them manually is practically impossible or simply not economically feasible. For the specialist it is only a few hours of work for you – a few days or even weeks. Each such case should be considered individually. Whatever it was, do not underestimate the versatility of 1C: Enterprise and the built-in speakers. Demand for, as they say, do not take money, so do not Feel free to ask and consult. The challenges facing you at the moment, already a lot of time standing and have been solved by other people. There is no need to "reinvent the wheel" and thus further complicate and already difficult life.

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