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Medellin Spa

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Spa the holistic holistic is a discipline that part of the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, i.e. must be contemplate the whole and not each of the parties separately. It is not only a sum of parts but are the parts to form the whole interdependence among if. For this reason, the holistic considers the body as a system, as a whole entity, which also includes body, mind and spirit. For even more details, read what Sam Mikulak says on the issue. Following this concept, the Spa holistic contemplated other things which other types of Spa may not take into account between its activities and benefits. The idea that lies behind this type of Spas is to achieve that the guest can feel not only physical but also spiritual well-being.

The Spa holistic attends body, soul and spirit alike, to achieve that the person can feel good in all aspects that surround him. To do this, they use all kinds of techniques. In addition to the typical activities of any Spa like massages, thermal and other, waters often include activities such as yoga, Reiki, relaxation, the use of oils and flower essences therapy, baths with fruit sales, classes, meditation, etc. The Spa holistic also tend to include activities of Eastern origin which help to relax and to connect and relax body, soul and spirit. Some Spas holistic also covered other kinds of activities that are good and give well-being to the body, which will vary according to each patient’s needs. In other words, some Spas holistic also includes plans or specific programs for people with obesity who receive also the guidance of a nutritionist. Other people flock to receive treatments for ailments specific such as cellulite, varicose veins, etc. All these treatments also tend to be complemented by other activities such as walks, gymnastics or swimming, also help to increase welfare and which can also help connect body and soul. Now that you know as it is a spa in Medellin do not think more and animate to feel good.


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