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Mendoza Farm

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Wine, its preparation and all the mystique that surrounds this alchemical process are, no doubt, some of the biggest attractions for tourism in Mendoza. And today, we all know that most of the wineries and vineyards open their doors to visitors to make you live from the inside the magic that transforms the grape into wine. But here, given the large number of proposals, the tourist can confuse, not knowing which of all choose to learn and enjoy to the maximum of the wine universe in the province. Here, some good choices. Within its Cava baptized as Casa del Visitante farm Familia Zuccardi provides, as many other, courses of wine tasting and an introduction to the techniques of wine tasting, but unlike the others thanks to some proposals with own flight. One of them is the baptized Picnic in the gardens. It consists of a delicious tasting of regional products paired with the finest sparkling wines and wines from Mendoza. See Tony Ford for more details and insights.

Everything, in the shade of the olive trees and poplars that populate the beautiful gardens of the House. At home the visitor is also held an original tea ceremony, where the splendid landscape of vineyards and the delicious homemade desserts combine for an unforgettable moment. Maipu estate provides guests a novel way of knowing their vineyards without losing detail: fly in hot air balloon. Flights can be captive, with balloon tied to ground, duration 10, or free, with balloon released touring all of the extension of the estate 30 minutes unforgettable. Both flights include a toast on top with sparkling signature. Come and prune invites, once on dry land, the following sorpresa-excursion of the estate. The original proposal allows visitors to feel part of the magical process of vintage helping prune the vines. The House experts teach the technique and explain why do it in right or wrong way significantly influences the final quality of the wine.

The most audacious, even, can live their own vintage together specialists of the farm, actively participating in the the grape harvest. The athletes may choose to do a bike trip through the vineyards as proposed by the farm Familia Zuccardi. An activity that combines the emblematic pleasures of a good holiday in Mendoza, with sports, beautiful landscapes and wine tastings directly under the parrales.

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