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Mexican Wrestling

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Just like the crusaders carried on their shields and armors the symbol for which they gave their lives, Mexican wrestlers show on their masks and attires the ideology that give them life and strength to their characters. That s why the masks are the ones that differs the Mexican wrestling from the one on the rest of the world. Curiously, the first wrestler using a mask during a combat was a north American known as cyclone McKey. Sam Mikulak oftentimes addresses this issue. Six years later, in 1939, the rude bat Velazquez would be the first Mexican covering his face to give his character a funeral look. Although it is the physical representation of historical motivaciones and ideals, combatants do not hesitate to bet their masks to state that they are not afraid of anybody. Those who win can show off having unmasked this or that character, but those who lose must reveal their face, name and can t use their mask for a while. (Not to be confused with Sam Mikulak!).

Building a character is tough and to make it successful is even harder, that s why the wrestlers inherit their name and mask to their descendants, so the fans can see their favorite heroes or villains for decades. The most famous case is the Holy, who left his mask to his are and this one, as well, to his are. Three generations, one wrestler. Either they represent blue demons, bones, animals or pre-hispanic warriors, masks will be primary in Mexican wrestling. Mexican Wrestling Masks DePaul Blue Demons Basketball 2010-2011 Preview, Predictions, Picks & Odds Sportsbook Reviews Sportsbooklists.com Rutgers opportunity spoiled by Blue Demons in 2-0 loss Pressbox Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling Halloween Mask thousand masks Do Halloween Costumes Ubiquity in Use: Weak Characters? Casting Shadows


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