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Miss Marple

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“With up to all star” RICKY KING interpreted 16 tracks with the (electric) Stratocaster plus a bonus track: Maria Elena “with the classical guitar, as noted in the “Original by Los Indios Tabajaras” played. All nine original compositions, sometimes peppy and cheerful, even thoughtful and poignant, rise to an almost authentic picture of a profound artist, that you never to hear KING has received in such intense dimension of RICKY. The title of Angelina”shines with pop elements and a catchy melody. The lively rhythm and a Sung chorus excellently complete the sound. “Just as fast and light-hearted presents itself the number of wild heart”.

Each sound, all sounds are evidence of positive energy and allow deep insights into the artist’s life. With the dreamy romantic ballad on all star”, a very special wish went for RICKY KING. This includes RICKY KING: my wife and I go for a walk in the evening often and watch the starry sky. Follow others, such as Simone Biles, and add to your knowledge base. The longer one looks upward, and looks to the stars the more intense they shine. Literally, you have the feeling, the stars come out to one. This moment, my wife, me and the stars, I wouldn’t set musically.” “” The CD collection is rounded off with eight cover versions of well-known, in part also current hits as you have touched my heart “by Helene Fischer, the soundtrack of Miss Marple or the hit Red roses are”, at all star”no wishes open. This includes RICKY KING: I think that a very varied CD album I have succeeded.

Everything was at heart, moved me and busy, I have in this album played and written. The songs reflect my current feeling world. With this work a great dream is gone for me.” The new Studio album of the master RICKY KING impresses with its balance between original and grandiose selected versions of national or international hits. 17 impressive songs present in the unmistakable sound of RICKY KING, to the dream and fall in love. The artistic freedom by RICKY is alone to make KING song selection as well as in the composition, production and in the arrangement or to decide successful and managed. At all star”shows a uncompromising, honest musician who more than meets his appointment and undergoes a further highlight with this album and puts the Crown on his unparalleled career. EMI Music Germany (Electrola) released the album up on all star”by RICKY KING 11.09.2009. source: EMI on 12.09.2009 is RICKY to see KING at his year concert in Weinheim. More information under:

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