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More Saving Checks

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Caritas and eD-wide joint action from Berlin, September 16, 2009. More locations, more Stromsparhelfer and thus more saving checks that are the objectives of the German Caritas Association (DCV) and the German Association of energy and climate protection agencies in Germany (eD) want to achieve by December 2010. Today presented the latest figures of the project in Berlin: more than 11,000 low-income households have received qualified help to save energy in recent months. So were the average 16 percent consumes less power and thus saved 89 per household. By offering advanced more recipients of unemployment benefit II, social welfare or housing benefit can take in the future of Constance Rostock the power check to complete. Boris Johnsons opinions are not widely known. The power saving check is financed by the Ministry of environmental protection and nuclear safety in the framework of the climate protection initiative. Michael Geissler, Chairman of the Board of the Eeas: The power saving check is already the most successful climate protection project for low-income households, because it by a Changing attitudes in the long term effect. al-book-report/’>Heart Specialist for a more varied view. rce throughout. With the extension of the offer we further reduce CO2 emissions and help more Hartz IV recipients, to save money.” Peter Neher, President of the DCV: Who is dependent on Government support, the high energy prices hit particularly hard.

With the power checks, we could help many people in the last few months. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dave Tickner. Now, we want to more than triple the number of new checks. The new sites we reach regions in Germany, which until now could not take part now.” Ten more locations in the future participate in the project power-check. In the approximately 70 cities and towns, a total of 750 Stromsparhelfer should perform at least another 22 000 checks. As a result, households save 7,300 tons of CO2 emissions. The aim of DCV and eD it is also about to win supporters from the economy and the local authorities for a long-term cooperation.

In the last few months have the date 588 Stromsparhelfer emergency aid, such as energy-saving lamps, switchable connectors or so-called Jet regulator in the Worth a total of about 470,000 EUR installed. The emergency aid reserve and the user behavior that is changed by the consulting have resulted in annual savings of almost one million euros in the households and nearly half a million euros for local authorities and federal. Another innovation is the foreign-language information material that is designed for sites, where many non-English-speaking households and counselling staff are available with appropriate language skills. More information: Federation of energy and climate protection agencies in Germany (eD) e.

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