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Municipal City

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Beyond the varied type of commerce, we can also perceive the types of urban transports that if cross: car, horses, wagons and bicycles. With the circulation of wealth for part of the local, decurrent elite of industrialization, made sure the growth of the commercial function and banking of the city, and, some streets had been if specializing. The Street Julio de Castilhos was an example, and symbolized all the commercial and financial pujana of the city. By the same author: American gymnast. There it located? if, as nowadays, innumerable administrative headquarters and banks, as of the Bank of the next situated Province to the Commercial and almost esquina Club with the Municipal City hall. In this direction, the streets the Federacy, Tristo Hunter, Jlio de Castilhos, Floriano Marshal, Guillermo Lahn, Rio Branco, Ernest Alves, General Frota Edmundo Saft and others, through its constructions, had become symbols of modernity, cultural chances. But, with the urban transformations that were if producing, he was also, synonymous of chances of investments of capitals. The Architecture as representation of the Imaginary one In the case of Taquara, one of the styles most used was the Neoclssico, that has its origin in France.

This style searchs perfection of the classic fundindo what it has of better between the Greek and Roman style. As much the civil constructions as religious followed the model of the temples Greek-Romans or the constructions of the Italian Renaissance. However, according to architect Ginter Weimer, detaches the Art-Noveau style, deriving of the France, inspired by the subjects and forms dynamic curves of the nature, generating a baroque plastic characteristic of extraordinary impact: caules, the flowers and the insects are constant elements that if interlace creating complex and refined morphologies. From these stories, we start to analyze chronological some workmanships architectural of Taquara and to perceive its materialized representation. Ebling and Fleck the importance of the construction is denoted through this inclined plan, where the constructor located the names of the proprietors and the date of the accomplishment of the workmanship.


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