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June 12th, 2020 at 1:26 pm

Muscles And Pelvis

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You can hang back in the hands of the floor to help you move the hips off the ground in early recovery. Knees as close to your chest, exhale. The Council fully tear off your pelvis off the floor at the top! Without it, you can not minimize the abdominal muscles. To improve the flexibility of the lumbar region, pull knees to your chest and the head. This increases the range of motion and more stretches the muscles of the back. In any case, do not immerse your feet on the floor, while not worked out the whole set.

Starting with a twist of "feet on the floor, you turn to the work of muscles, hip flexors and loosen the burden on the press. Whenever susan cervantes listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Not direct knees to the right or left shoulder and did not twist arms (lifting one above the other). Flexion of the hip and lift the pelvis should be strictly in the vertical plane. Otherwise, lift the pelvis will occur at a curved spine, which is very dangerous. Indeed, while the intervertebral discs has a very unstable with respect to each other position, and in this moment of crushing weight on their legs and lifted up pelvis. Holding the breath helps the stronger strain muscles and increases the pressure inside the abdominal cavity, which facilitates the retention of the spine in a safe position. To increase the burden on the lower part of the press, a little lift head and shoulders above the floor at the beginning of exercise and do not lower them down to the end of the set.


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