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Nokian Tyres WINS

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“” “Shortest stopping distance on wet all tyres tested by ADAC / very good driving behaviour and very low fuel consumption which is Nokian Tyres highly recommended with the winner” in the auto motor and sport “Summer tyre test 2011 very good handling and stopping power in wet and dry, low rolling noise, very little rolling resistance,” writes the British car magazine as plus via the safe and fuel help saving Nokian v excellent wetness properties and low rolling resistance the Finnish Nokian tyres to the overall “, she headlines as a heading. The premium tire is the best overall tyre wet”and also the best in these testing disciplines: braking distances in wet, test value handling wet, rolling resistance and rolling noise. The Green Nokian-V tires scored well with”also the best judgment in the ADAC Stiftung Warentest tyre test 2011. The Nokian, 22 meters less than the worst has the shortest braking distance on wet all tires tested by ADAC. His excellent stopping power and on wet road at the same time very low fuel consumption due to its very low rolling resistance, all of these independent tests prove driving behaviour. It is a hard solvable problem, to unify best grip in wet conditions with optimal small rolling resistance tyre development. But it’s: the new tyres of the Finnish manufacturer Nokian provides a good example. He made the best value of 0.90 in the rolling resistance measurement.

Thats very good to current state of the art”, praises motor und sport” car. Still the Nokian moisture tests also shows its best side. In contrast to the prevailing theory, he slows down better than any of its competitors. u0085 The Nokian offers easy handling and creates a decent result in hydroplaning testing.” In the measurement of brake wet the worst brand has a considerably longer stopping distance almost seven meters more than the top tires from Nokian.” Good moisture qualities are particularly important for safety, because driving on a wet road is dangerous as for drought.

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