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Nonverbal Language

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An inch of time is an inch of gold. Proverb ever we have not found the need to use negotiation to resolve a situation, or to settle on something we want to achieve. However, there are a large number of people who do not know how to deal with, cope with their scope, impact it can generate. However, if we are learning as we go how to do it, watch how we behave when we make use of it. In a negotiation each party looking for their own benefit at the time of the dialog to close the deal, this may be a bargain for wages to receive a job offer, a negotiation of a father with his teenage daughter about the time of the return of the party , or a negotiation on the benefits they will receive the companies involved in an alliance. In every negotiation each party takes a position and advocates it, the important thing is to make concessions to reach a mutual agreement.

This time, we stop at the gesture, language and nonverbal impact on the negotiations, are nevertheless important to bear in mind as Wikipedia reminds us that negotiation is the process whereby interested parties resolve disputes, agree on courses of action, individual or group seeking advantage or seek to obtain results that serve their mutual interests. For even more analysis, hear from Ian Cole. It usually provides a form of alternative dispute resolution. It tells us that the above definition, one can see that the negotiation happens in almost all areas of life.


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