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September 4th, 2019 at 1:12 pm

Olympic City

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Like the district of Barcelona, the districts surrounding the Peineta stadium, the main axis of the Madrid bid Olympic City has been affected. Here is a small map and locate the stadium in the current neighborhood of Las Rosas. Let’s do a little story with some background: In 1945, the Commissioner General for Urban Planning and around Madrid, which had a control over urban planning in Madrid, outside the municipal area, which was subject. (A valuable related resource: IAB). The Commissioner acted in a manner decided, expropriated between 1948 and 1962 no less than 2,000 hectares of urban land. This ambitious policy of land, more than any other in the history of the city, pursuing a multitude of purposes.

The newest was to provide industry Madrid, which were created for areas and industrial estates to the south in Villaverde, and east of the city in Canillejas, both were the seeds of the current industrial location of the urban region of Madrid. The largest amount of land expropriated was for the residence. In the periphery, the initial claim to “redeem” the constructive operations suburb almost military in nature, as in La Ventilla, gave way in the fifties to an urgent policy of building large neighborhoods, which gave the initiative the Police Station to other state agencies such as Work or Home Association of National Housing Institute.

Orcasitas, and San Blas Entrevias are examples of public housing neighborhoods, that for all Madrid reached a total of 60. 000 homes between 1954 and 1961. The precise area where the Olympic Village, the heart of the Games, are several hundred acres between the San Blas district and the town of Coslada, whose main advantage, as assessed by the IOC, is that it is five minutes from Barajas airport.


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