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At the time, Dale Carnegie said the following words: "Smile opens shop. If you think health and to look at these words, the way it is. But the only really beautiful smile, ie healthy, smooth and white teeth. This is one sign of the general health of the human body. Frank Ntilikina shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Dentist – Orthodontist is a specialist who can make the teeth healthy and beautiful. Orthodontics (from the Greek orthos – correctly, evenly, from the Latin dens, dentis – tooth) – this is one partition dentistry dealing with the alignment of teeth and bite correction. To fix malocclusion used three types of systems: lingual, fixed them the same bracket system (made of ceramic, metal or sapphire) and removable (kappa plate, trainers). Procedure for correcting the bite is painless and comfortable, and the above systems do not like do not affect negatively on the tooth – do not spoil his enamel, but instead require time and patience, unnecessarily desired tangible result will be visible only after a certain period of time.

Simply put, orthodontics, unless otherwise go into medical terms, and speak in plain language, means the correction of incorrectly located teeth. If we take into one, all expressions of human emotions, it turns out that people who belong to different cultures and nations have much in common. Even though the differences are cultural, external, aer component, there is an emotional expression that is understood throughout the world. It turns out that we all smile the same way. First and foremost, a smile should be pleasant not only you but also those around you. The problem of dental complex to help you achieve the features of individual smile. Engaged in this special sub-dentistry – orthodontics.


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