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POND Flowering

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In most ponds technique is not used. However, the circulation system, controlled by timers, faster, heats the water levels the temperature drops. This system allows to extend the swimming season. Supplied to pump water from a pipe bursts in the deep zone of the pond and eventually reaches the shallow water, enriched with oxygen. The niches allotted for the plant – blue me-nots, yellow Mimulus, watch, loosestrife ivolistny still not interested in landscape design Petersburg? Pump water was adjusted, of course, outside the pond. Usually, it shall be equipped with a fuse that is in danger off the tension. Work associated with installing and connecting to a power source pump, an electrician must perform.

It is advisable to make a fence around the pump away from children. The bridge not only beautify the pond, but also serve as a springboard for jumping into the water. On It can and soak up the sun. Connections between elements of the bridge is carried out on zinc-plated screws and parts. Four pillars are fixed in the ground and connect the rails. Both the post, which should be in the water, placed in a soft plastic bucket and poured concrete.

Then reliance is put on film by placing them two coats of non-woven material is cut to a height of screws and connect with the carrier beams. Visit Samuel “Sam” Mikulak for more clarity on the issue. Boards with a small gap are fixed to the supporting beams. Protruding ends clip boards. TIPS – If you do not advance to take care of protecting the pond from falling foliage, there is a problem of algae in the water. Pond dense tissue can be protected from man-made fibers, stretched over a nylon cords, mounted on poles. The fabric will catch the leaves at a critical time – mid-October to early December. – Before the frosts this structure must be removed, so the pond could be free to ride Skate, play hockey, throw a stick puck. Should not be to weld the films himself. Professionals will do it better, using the technical phenomenon. Recommend the use of clean polyester or rubber film thickness 1,2-2,0 mm. Coastal areas POND Flowering plants near the pond, not only decorate, but also protect the newly laid water from the invasion of his insects. In the dense foliage, roots and stones, they feel very uncomfortable. The coastal zone of the pond – this is a link between the pond and other garden areas. The presence in the garden as dry and wet zones allows a rich palette of plants to choose the most suitable taking into account General garden decoration. Here, as elsewhere, everything should be in moderation. Less different plant species, but that they (especially low-growing varieties) were planted in small groups. Take note of the required distance between the plants and take into account their height. Harmonious composition will look, artfully composed of alternating between a high-low and sredneroslye plant. When planting plants (most opportune time for which the April-May) it is desirable to put the boundaries, necessary, in particular, to care for plants. Moisture-loving bog plants can be planted in the coastal zones of the pond.

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