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Practical Facebook Applications

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The boom of social network StudiVZ was yesterday today is the age of Facebook. Hear other arguments on the topic with Frank Ntilikina. The Zuckerberg’sche network is gaining steadily, both nationally and internationally. Almost every fifth citizen is a member now, in 2011, already several million new users in Germany created a profile. The growth rates that remain in the double-digit range. Also, the network offers more and more functions. The Internet portal webmail.de reveals what applications are useful. Passionate Facebook users are enthusiastic about the development of new browser for Facebook, critics speak of the network in the network. Without a doubt, the surfing with the social browser RockMelt is a special experience.

The service increases the clarity of Facebook, talks about friend activities, updates ongoing chats and reported news and apps. Alternatively, there are plugins for other browsers available, showing updates on Facebook. This is even in the five gap-traditional newspaper format with services such as PostPost possible. On request specific entries can be filtered and mapped. Social news reader like Knowabout or utopic promise similar benefits. Here, the individual networks are coupled together. In this way, for example the activities of the Facebook – and Twitter account can be managed together. More information: news /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann


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