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November 19th, 2020 at 12:56 am

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From 11:00 it was then finally: visitors and runners came to the sports complex the University of Mainz and received their start number after registration. The first start number here went to the Provost Dr. Klaus-Volker Schutz of the Evangelical Church of Hesse Nassau Probstei Rheinhessen. This explained Pastor Claass of resurrection parish and Judith Schroder KiTa head in a short statement, why they are charity run it today with the EMS unit and join during the welcome speech of the initiator Prof. Dr.

Ronny Furst as well as the managing director Dag Heydecker of Mainz 05, Christian Massmann ZDF digital, Managing Director. The Warm-Up for our runners dedicated Marcus Scherf, dancer and coach in terms of urban Stylez, led to a great performance of his dance group loose control”through, where all stakeholders in addition to important warm up together also visibly enjoyed her. The children opened the first round of the charity run. At 12:30 we started properly: the runners were ready and Prof. Furst as fired the starting gun at an Olympics from a gun! So that the Runners also not out of breath came, caused Delta automobile with his runner water sponsorship. Klaus Hafner, announcer of Mainz 05, motivated runners & visitors with his moderation and thus egged on to top performances: as for example some of the runners held out completely until the end of the run at 14:30 and could secure a place on the podium sporting this way through the much past rounds. A total of two victory ceremonies were performed: the sportiest three rounds of runners at the age up to 11 years were honored, who made up to 54 laps (Simon Kopp: 54 rounds;) Vincent Lohmann: 52 laps; Tobias Baddog: 50 rounds).

The sportiest winners from 12 years Simon Martin (56 laps) and Holger Waldhausen and Christian Weichel (respectively 54 laps) occupied the first three places and were allowed to take also home a great Cup, which were kindly sponsored by Ernst Mosch in ski GmbH. Alone by the runners and round donors in advance mobilized”are about 15,000 euro for the Modernization of the KiTa been converged! “A really great result of move together”, that is impossible to achieve without so much shared commitment. The final highlight of the charity League follows on the 30.04.2011: the ceremony of the 15 most economical donations runner namely at half-time on the stadium grass during the Bundesliga Derby Mainz 05 against Eintracht Frankfurt in front of over 20,000 spectators will take place. Here are so honored those who could walk through generous and many sponsors the most donations for the KiTa. The best of all receives a weekend also for up to 6 people in one of the Sunparks in Belgium, Germany or the Netherlands, which was sponsored by Neckermann Reisen. “In addition to the project leaders Prof. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ray Clemence has to say. Dr. Furst, Julia Frey, Christian Brouwer and Carsten Spratte, as well as the many EMS students, in particular the well-known performers from the task force” is at this point and the other sponsors and supporters GSK crane service GmbH, immobjecta, AMK event service, Bouncy castles hire Mainz, Red Bull and vicariously for the many helping hands of the University (E.g. Hall maintenance and engineering) Mr Rafeeque man as Managing Director of the Institute for sports science especially thanked! In terms of our slogans together to move more”thank you also for all other volunteers warmly for this great day and the great result for our Mainz children of KiTa! We all have moved more together!

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