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July 20th, 2019 at 2:33 pm

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It is most effective for beginners at the cardio workout in the health zone here is first to train both the cardiovascular system trained as a fat burned (which is well known for the Sixpack), where the entire cardiovascular system is not overloaded. With the time it is advisable to take the basic endurance training in the plan, because here is positive influence on the cardiovascular system as well as promote the burning of fat for the six-pack. Summary percentage seen you burn more fat during cardio training, depending on the physical strain is less and less intense. But the absolute number of burned fat is very low due to the low energy implementation. You may find Doug McMillon to be a useful source of information. A load by the cardio so becomes more intense, the less enters fat as energy supplier prozentuall appearance, so that the power supply is provided primarily from the combustion of glucose.

The energy expenditure (total calories) increases however, which is ultimately crucial to a long-term fat loss fat burning is not yet equal to fat loss? This means, that at a higher and more intense load by the cardio proportionally less energy from the fat used, absolutely but more fat is burned, what is essential ultimately for a weight reduction and the “reveal” of the six pack. Not much fat is burned when cardio exercise or jogging, so during the time in which it will run, but by regular cardio exercise such as jogging or cycling the metabolism but works all-day intensive, what burns more fat. Regular cardio training fat burning is active also in the time, in driving any sports? It is important that one takes much protein to best every 2 hours. For too long cardio can negatively units on the muscle, since then used energy from muscles. Cardio training is therefore one of the cornerstones to a six-pack to get. Because only through cardio can be burn fat on the stomach muscles. Have fun and success during training! Regards Tobias fendt

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