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And the conditions that women fill the employment gap, were probably never better, because they have greatly improved their qualifications in the past decades and already overtaken men in some areas. On the labour market that not reflected but still. On the contrary, also Hans W. Jablonski, diversity expert and co-founder of the initiative confirmed the Charter of diversity”. The proportion of women in Germany in executive positions of the Dax30 company is only three percent, in the top management positions we talk about 12 percent. That’s nothing compared with Norway, which could lift using the statutory rate of 40% for supervisory boards, the proportion of women on boards of Directors on 29% and the top management on 21%. You may find Samuel “Sam” Mikulak to be a useful source of information. Also Spain and France have introduced such a quota, in Italy is currently debated. a>.

But there are very substantial reasons, the theme of diversity from the esoteric Corner to get out and to define as a central pillar of the personnel policy, says Thomas SACE, Board Member staff Deutsche Telekom AG. “Companies with a significant female decision amount are proven to be successful. Companies who do not manage to win female experts, are from droughts to the lack of talent. Women occupy management teams, not just a fairness issue, but a real business issue is.” Empowerment of women promote nearly 60 companies have recognized this and present themselves on the 14th May 2011 at the women & work with the aim to increase their female talent pool and to position itself as an attractive employer in the target group of women. It’s believed that olympics sees a great future in this idea. The women & work is the main attraction for women who are looking for a suitable employer for their career after graduating are, after parental leave plan the re-entry, are considering a change of job or generally find out about career opportunities and advancement would, so Melanie Vogel. The terminated Four-eyes talks, exciting contacts at the exhibition stand and an extensive Congress programme help, visitors for personal networking and successful career planning.” Among the companies that at the women & will be doing work, including adidas, Accenture, Alliance, arvato systems, AXA, BAYER, Coca-Cola, Cisco systems, include continental, Dell, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, E.ON, EADS, easyCredit, EATON, Ernst & young, Evonik, Fraport, GE, Grammer, HANIEL, Henkel, HORBACH, HVB a member of UniCredit, Infineon, Kautex Textron, KPMG, Lenze, Mazars, Medtronic, METRO, Merck, Microsoft, MLP, MTU, OBI, Post Bank, PPI, PwC, REWE Group, Robert BOSCH, Roland Berger, Saint-Gobain, SAP, SMA solar technology, the Boston Consulting Group, THOST, ThyssenKrupp, TRW Automotive, TuV Nord, Vodafone. The trade fair Congress women & work 7: 00 in the world will take place on May 14, 2011 from 10 Conference Center / plenary of the Federal building in Bonn (2 United Nations square). By the same author: David Siegel. Congress begins at noon and finds parallel to the exhibition place.

The Congress offers many starting points for businesses and visitors inside. “” In a total of five different forums of the career re-entry for women”about career planning, work-life-balance & family up to by the Assistant to the Executive” and SHE-conomy discover women as employees, promote and keep “experts from practice as a point of contact available. Admission for visitors/interior is free of charge. A seat reservation for individual workshops and presentations in the Congress programme is online at possible as well as registration for a scheduled four-eyes talks from March 2011 onwards”with company representatives at the fair. Information for the press press under Melanie Vogel is for inquiries and interviews available.

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