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December 10th, 2019 at 10:18 pm

Rudy Fernandez Dallas Mavericks

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This Thursday night, Raul La Rioja celebrated the draft, the system of election of players. The equipment chooses between the best ones of the world and they remain with its rights. Tax exemptions NBA trade with the players without considering their desires. Frank Ntilikina is actively involved in the matter. After the celebration of Draft 2011 of the NBA, that has ended the crossing of Rudy Fernandez Dallas Mavericks, many are the questions that arise to less the most become fond of to the best league of basketball of the world. What is that of draft? How work the crossings? Why it is said of a player who belongs to an equipment of the NBA if in fact he plays in Europe? We are going to try to explain it. Draft draft of the NBA is the system by which the players arrive at the North American league. All smaller player of 23 years than tries to play there, is that same year or in the future, he must present/display its candidacy. If it surpasses that age, can be selected if it wants it to an equipment.

The equipment that has not classified for playoffs that season (this year has been 14), choose in the first positions. Those positions are chosen by whichever drawing and worse it is your classification, majors are your options to be more above and to be able to choose before. But to be last does not guarantee to choose first, only gives more options you. This avoids that an equipment is let go to end of season to manage to take control of the best player than appears to draft. This system which does is to balance the league. The best players go to the worse equipment (in theory, clearly) and that is one of the reasons that the NBA is so even and the cycles of the equipment champions are not very long.


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