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May 11th, 2020 at 7:11 am

Seashore Wedding

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Notes of the bride Seashore. Please visit Marc Lore if you seek more information. The sky above the clear starry. I feel good in the arms of a loved one warm and cozy. This moment will stay with me forever. My only tells me: “Be my wife. “Hand in hand, heart to heart (Shakespeare)”. ” I feel like the cheeks begin to burn, and only hear my heart beating. Gripping excitement knew no bounds.

Urgently need to say something, but thought spread. He understands me, because he is very worried. I want to say “Yes” but, panting, out of my mouth came the: “I want to think about!”. Yes, this is exactly I need. Must deal with the surging thoughts about the wedding, honeymoon and my future family. Word of a wedding flashes almost every second.

Want everything to be beautiful. Sea of flowers, balloons, sparkling champagne, smiles and wishes of loved ones. And I’m in an unusually beautiful dress, we are the best couple. Let the whole world rejoices with me this happiness. Wedding – a celebration that will be remembered for a lifetime. Therefore, it is important every detail, which will emphasize the importance of the event. Perhaps many men it is difficult to understand, why spend money and time, in fact, the ordinary procedure – a stamp in the passport. They seem to live together and be happy is possible without this nonsense. In some ways they are right, but for me the wedding – an event that involves the beginning of family relationships. This ceremony is important for “Beautiful half of humanity”, as this woman is the main keeper of the hearth. At all times and all peoples attached special significance wedding ceremony. There are many centuries-old traditions, folk songs and customs. I dream of a beautiful wedding, and another thing what it is: a “feast for the whole world” or a close circle of people closest to it have not yet been decided. And I, meanwhile, was so absorbed by fantasies of a wedding that had completely forgotten about most important. His head came clear understanding, I love and loved, and soon I’ll be very happy. Preparing the wedding complicated and troublesome process that can and should entrust professionals. Where I’ll just skip finger that yes, no, no spraying at the wedding and all the other crap. And I know that my favorite would be a good husband and caring father. And, finally, out of my mouth sounded: “I agree!

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