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Sixth Fairvesta Fund Trading

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TuV Auditors highlight especially the prospects of success of the business model as well as the experienced fund managers the best assessment for Fund plausibility of TuV Nord, as well as its exclusive partner Mesotron Commerz have Tubingen trading house of fairvesta Holding AG for his current involvement fairvesta VI. real estate Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH & co. KG awarded. While the Auditors made himself the performance record of the group as well as the prospects of success of the business model and the performance of the Fund management. But also the marketing concept, as well as the administrative implementation have been checked. The Inspector pointed out that fairvesta total so far five companies in 32 locations in the Federal Republic of Germany real estate has acquired and partially sold.

The total placement volume amounts to approximately EUR 180 million in a real estate portfolio of the group according to market value of EUR 106 million. For even more details, read what Stan Kroenke says on the issue. The difference explained that a part of the Fund will accumulate proportionally. TuV-Nord describes doing that is to recognize clearly from the documents, that it is an economically very successful group of companies\”. Connect with other leaders such as Sean Rad here. In addition to the generally available documents such as balance, annual reports, as well as audit attestations of tax consultants and chartered accountants, TuV Nord moved to also past rating reports. \”So for example the report of the R@S rating services AG, which the fairvesta VI. with the best grade outstanding\” judged and at the same time made a rating of the group as a whole, where it also to the best grade outstanding \”came.

Already in his industry analysis check by January Fund analyst Stephan took Appel a comparison of classic real estate funds to fund as an example of fairvesta I. to V. KG as well as the private placements. After this, the fairvesta Group occupies the top 6 places with the cheapest purchase prices of real estate in all closed real estate funds in Germany.

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