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Smoked King Jupp Zollner Bringing The Indians To Kiefersfelden.

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The smoking expert of the Holy Roman Empire and the North American bison make headlines the Indians come to Bavaria and to bring valuable, healthy, organic gifts to Kiefersfelden. Kiefersfelden/Bavaria the Indians come to Bavaria and to bring valuable, healthy, organic gifts to Kiefersfelden. Bison meat from the wide plains of Manitoba, one of the eastern prairie provinces of Canada. The bison was a sacred animal for the Indians and was considered for the Plains Indians as the origin of all life. For millions of years, the large herds of bison lived freely in the prairies. The bison were for the Indians the perfect animal, the basis for food, clothing and tools.

The Tatanka”(Indian name of the bison) provided meat for food, leather bags, as well as skins for bedding, tipis and jackets. All parts of the bison were used by the Indians; Bones, tendons, horns, hooves or animal hair found their use. Bison meat is from the medical scientific viewpoint, the healthiest and most nutritious meat that you know. No other meat contains so many important, healthy nutrients, and that in such high concentration. His extremely high share of good, easy on fissile proteins, vitamins, particularly thiamine (vitamin B1 variant), iron, zinc and selenium in particular make it health very valuable. These substances, especially selenium, occupy where usually fats and toxins attach, the body’s cells and thus block the cells for them. It has been observed that people who take much selenium dietary, ill not on cancer very much rarer than others.

Bison meat can be considered as a cancer preventive. It is used in the U.S. already successfully in therapies. The enjoyment of this original organic meat is now also available for the palates of gourmets in Europe and around the world. On Thursday 05.11.09 ab 17:00 found in the adventure-Champ on the Wachtl”in Kiefersfelden an event instead, which turns everything to the bison. Notable figures such as “Ray Salmon, bison representative of the Government of Manitoba/Canada, Chief Harvey Nipinak, tribal chief of the ebb & flow” first nation community and Sabrina Schlupp, bison breeder be there waiting. Hear the stories and vocals by Kevin Tacan from Sioux Valley Manitoba Dakota nation, spiritual leader of the Dakota. Currently viewing excerpts from the slideshow on the trail of the Sioux by Peter Hinz-Rosin on Germany tour. And especially, indulge culinary bison importer Tom Steuer by her restaurateur/chef Jupp Zollner the smoked King of the Kaisergebirge and his friend. It is even a good purpose. By their presence they support six reserves, in which some 90 Indian families for the bison Breeders Association are active. The menu: Rustic smoked fish and fish spread Smoothe Jupps bison ham Tatanka barbecue with Bison Ribeye, bison Burger and bison bratwurst (according to the recipe by Mario Kotaska), smoked potatoes bison herbs, free after Jupp Zollner where: SERVUS LAMA EXPERIENCE dining In the outdoor camp Kiefersfelden Thierseestrasse 241 83088 Kiefersfelden contact: Mobile: 0152-28913130 eMail: Tel. + 49 (0) 8033-30 89 6

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