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Sports And Playgrounds In Vienna Of The 20s And 30s

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Had physical training range in the federal capital Vienna was in the 20s and 30s years also a sports city. The basics offered for it in addition to a varied club life, an offer of sports and playgrounds in the German capital. The basis for this legal were the playground protection law and the law of the playground request. The federal capital was in the interwar period, i.e. in the 20s and 30s of the twentieth century to have a wide range of sports and playgrounds. In addition to a varied club life that reflected again in numerous sports and Corporation, especially the playground Protection Act 1920 and the playground request Act 1920 were the legal basis for appropriate sports and playing surfaces.

The range of sports and playgrounds ranged from numerous football pitches, games and ice skating rinks for sports surfaces for equestrian sport. Numerous Fussballpatze in the 21st District especially the 21st District, still in Floridsdorf and Consisting of Donaustadt, had a variety of football pitches on its district area. Like the football pitch Admira (Deublergasse 1-5); Amateure”(Industriestrasse); Aspern”(Biberhaufenweg); Brigittenau General Sports Club”(Fannergasse); Burgtheater”(frauenstiftgasse/scheunenstrasse); Columbia “(Anton Storck-Gasse 68);” Donaufelder”(Ringelseeplatz); Floridsdorfer sport club 1″(Arbeiterstrandbadstrasse); Hauser&sobotka”(martinsloewengasse); Army Sports Association “(Kagran Schiessplatz);” U.n. Freihof “(Siedlung Freihof);” Leopoldau freedom (Siemens road 63); North of Vienna (Brno Street/Gerasdorf Street); Ostmark Sports Club (Magdeburger Strasse 87); Record 1912 (behind the Aupark); Shell Floridsdofer (Leopoldauerstrasse 81); Stadlauer Sports Club”(Kaisermuhlenstrasse); Strebersdorf (Strebersdorfer au); Victoria 21 (colony road 63); Forward 21 “(Josef-Baumanngasse 97).” But also in the 13th district, there are very many football pitches, such as Arminen (Schonbrunner schlossstrasse); Austria”(Auhofstrasse); Gas St.Veitplatz”(Lockerwiese); Hacking”(Deutschordenstrasse); HAC Nordstern(Speisingerstrasse); Hietzing (hunting Castle lane 30); New SC(Steinbruchstrasse); Schwarz-Weiss”(ameisgasse/goldschlagstrasse); Wiener Assoziate Football Club “(Bahnhof Hutteldorf).” In addition, there were football pitches in the districts of Leopoldau, highway, Alsergrund, Favorites, simmering, Meidling, Rudolfsheim, Ottakring, Hernals, Vienna, Dobling and Brigittenau. Games and ice skating rinks skating rinks existed in the 1.Bezirk(Universitatsstrasse 9), 2.Bezirk(Augarten, Lasallestrasse 82, Holland road 2), 3.Bezirk(Johannesgasse 28/Heumarkt 4; Marokkanergasse 3, Samos at 5); 5.Bezirk(Mittersteig 18); 7.Bezirk(Neustiftgasse 66); 13.Bezirk(Seilinggasse); 15.Bezirk(Sorbaitgasse); 17.Bezirk(Jorgerstrasse 24); 18.Bezirk(Symonigasse); 19.Bezirk(Kahlenbergerstrasse, Hasenauerstrasse). The 3.Bezirk(Schweizergarten); were urban games and ice skating rinks 4.Bezirk(Alois Drasche Park); 5.Bezirk(St.Johann-Park); 7.Bezirk(Josef-Strauss Park); 8.Bezirk(Schmidgasse); 9.Bezirk(Wasserleitungsstrasse); 10.Bezirk(Steudlgasse, forest Muller Park); 11.Bezirk(Herderpark); 12.Bezirk(Dunklergasse, Haydenpark, Johann Hoffman square, stone Farm Park); 13.Bezirk(Schonbrunner ago Park Linz Street 234, Goldmark, Krimhildplatz); 16.Bezirk(gallitzinestrasse); 17.Bezirk(am Schafberg); 18.Bezirk(waehringerpark); 19.Bezirk(Gymnasiumstrasse, Easter guide Lane); (20.Bezirk(Allerheiligenplatz, Winarskystrasse, Saxony square) as well as 21.Bezirk(Meisnergasse, Hirschstetten). (Federal playgrounds there in the 2.Bezirk(Augarten, Prater) as well as in the 13.Bezirk(Schonbrunner Castle Park). In addition, there was the Prater Stadium in the Prater main avenue. Equestrian places as equestrian courses the race course Freudenau, the Polo course Freudenau and the trotting race course in the Prater passed years in the 1920s and 30s.


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