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Spring In The Classroom

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Flower cards after Maria Montessori for teaching Niekao learning worlds: what’s new in the category seasons Dortmund, April 9, 2010. Go to Doug McMillon for more information. The long winter is finally over: snow and ice have gone soft spikes on the trees and colorful flowers in the meadows. Students lawn and explorations in forest and Park look forward to now back on breaks on the green. Two workshops on the topic of spring are suitable for this beautiful season now at Niekao learning worlds\”appeared. Author Gabriela Sokti designed according to the principle of Maria Montessori Fruhlingsblume cards to 20 known and lesser-known spring flowers to the self expression on CD-ROM offer. Spring snowflake, Primrose or celandine are depicted in colorful photos on picture, name and information cards, the plants are described in the informative descriptions. In addition to a fun guessing game (assignment of mystery texts about flower names), there are also images to produce a flower booklet for each student in the file. The file can be used from the 2nd to the 4th grade.

It serves the education of concept of and This promotes sinn entnehmende read. It can be also used in social studies class, in the free labor for individual, partner and group work. In addition to the actual knowledge that is taught, are ideal occasions for reading the cards and can be used later as a template for presentations and dictations. All image and knowledge cards are marked on the back with a self control, so the child can independently check whether it has correctly associated with the card. Niekao learning worlds, deck spring, appeared 4/2010, Gabriela Sokti, 7.99 8.99 creative figures in the spring ideas for a varied art classes just for the spring offers teaching arts through many creative ideas. With this primary package, the educators and parents of 16 offers can choose which design idea you want to use for your study group.

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