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May 28th, 2020 at 8:41 am

Strange Story

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Ha times was programmed the transference of prisoners of high danger, For a penitentiary of maximum security. between them, I. prisoner 66. The things that I there made pra to be I reserve well to say. Therefore in the truth it does not come to the case. would not change nothing. Well, in that day it rained very, and the tranferencia was postponed stops after rain. I was not alone, I had others trs prisoners.

we waited chained one to the other. I never had passed for that, I was as wild beasts .a sensation was horrible. Chains in the hands and the Foot s.Um of the prisoners, Foot of waltz was its .trazia name a gag in the mouth, bites one of the guards violently. pra pulled out a piece to be more accurate. The other zuca seemed a child going to the diveroes.ria park and laughs. Already Antonio was serious, it was not its first transference and with certainty finishes he would not be it.

Well, thus they thought many. As for me, I will not disclose my name. it was and I will continue being prisoner 66. In the four together ones we added a thousand years of conviction almost. (as if it was possible to live in such a way.) I finish we waited it of rain, and as this did not stop had decided to follow the cronograma. Rain continued and very, the racket was deafening did not see nothing. Already inside at the bus, zuca already does not laugh. Now it sang provoking the guards, and these only looked in them. Foot of waltz beat to the feet following the compass of music. Antonio continued quiet, but now sinewy revealed. as something expected unexpected. this something happened. The driver lost the direction for some reason any, tried to brake. The car capsized varies times, I do not know to say how many and tumbled.


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