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Successful Cure

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Another thing is how it manifests itself: it may be chronic, hardly noticeable, disease, and perhaps attack the unbearable pain. Ultimately, however, all patients have expressed the desire and violation of the weakness of erection – the most unpleasant consequences of prostatitis. That everyone should know! The main symptoms of prostatitis: pain in the perineum or lower abdomen; frequent, painful urination; problems with potency and sexual desire; discomfort in the perineum after intercourse, and others Treatment of this unpleasant disease requires a lot of attention from a physician. This is a tale that prostatitis can be cured by any magic cure or magic bullet method. Treatment should always be complex. Be sure to use physiotherapy: heating, magnetic-laser therapy, prostate massage, lod therapy, electrophoresis, and anti-inflammatory drugs and substances that enhance human immunity. Well helps in the treatment of prostatitis and acupuncture girudoterapija. In our center we are able to offer you a comprehensive approach to treatment, and help you choose the most optimal time periods for treatment.

Only when This approach can be sure that the cure prostatitis, but no, just 'podlechat'. After all, as often happens: you come to a urologist, he prescribes some pills and everything seems to go away. And two or three months have again go to see him. And all this is not so cheap. Therefore need to be treated as it should, but also not forget that, in recent years, many experts believe that prostatitis is not just a disease but a result of our wrong lifestyle.

Therefore, the cure is only half the battle, we must also limit the adverse impact of our lifestyle, so that disease does not recur. In this regard, we strongly recommend that patients Successful treatment, eliminate alcohol and tobacco for a period of 2-6 months after treatment, lead sedentary life (enough to go 2-3 kilometers a day on foot to remove the negative impact of inactivity), to engage in sports, often located outdoors, try to insulate themselves from stressful situations and, most importantly, maintain a regular sex life. Patients with a history of prostatitis, should be supervised by a urologist for another two years. Semiannually, in spring and autumn, you must undergo ultrasound diagnosis to avoid a recurrence and exacerbation recommened undergo prophylactic treatments.


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