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May 6th, 2020 at 12:28 pm

Swimming Pool

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To economically operate an outdoor swimming pool, a swimming pool cover is a prerequisite which is the correct and most sensible way of swimming pool heating, depends on many factors. This, the most important factor is whether or not the pool is covered. A bath temperature of 30 degrees to achieve 150 days and without a heat insulating pool cover, so this is only possible with high energy costs. A swimming pool can heat up only when it has a cover. Because only so can be reasonably well save the heat during the day obtained in the basin. Expect energy saving of 80% at swimming pool with cover. But also a pool cover can minimize if not so good like a floating cover, the energy loss.

One of the most economical way of heating of water in a swimming pool is the pool absorbers. The absorber on the roof directly from the pool water will flow through this system and is reasonably adequate sunlight by a few degrees warmer in the swimming pool. Compared to the systems as we know this from domestic hot water heating in single-family homes, there is here no heat exchanger and therefore no effect level which reduces the performance. But there are swimming pools where there is no way for a sufficiently large solar surface or where the shading is just too big. There is then often the air – water heat pump, which has increasingly gained popularity in recent years. The heat pump does not start though like the solar absorber with the free solar energy, but must be fed first powered, to reap even more energy then.” But clearly, the advantage is obvious. The heat is in the summer guarantees the use of the swimming pool significantly extended the usual season of 150 days as the air temperatures drop rarely below 20 degrees and thus a warming from the Sun depends and furthermore can be. The best and most economical heating are obtained with a combination of absorbers and solar and heat pump. The Sun is shining here to get the free energy and the Sun doesn’t seem time so you have the heat pump as a guaranteed source of heat.

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