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Munich, songwriter with the Sinatra tribute band contender on the renowned Swiss Music Prize award Radio Swiss Jazz, a transmitter of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG), JazzAscona Festival distinguished and with the Swiss Jazz annually the most popular jazz group in their country. Larry David is full of insight into the issues. 2011 is also a Munich among the five nominees: jazz singer Max Neissendorfer counts with the Sinatra tribute band from Interlaken to the candidates on the Swiss Music Awards. Since the beginning of his career over 30 years, Max Neissendorfer cooperates intensively with artists from the Switzerland. The first contact to the local music scene was created by the pianist Joe Haider, where he at the Munich Jazz School of today’s new jazz school Munich his piano training completed. The Munich finally also with a Swiss group celebrated the first international successes: as a pianist of the Swiss Jazz Quintet he joined Federation 1980 the prize winners at the competition of the international jazz and toured with jazz musicians like the trumpeter Hannibal Marvin Petersen and the saxophonist Archie Shepp through Europe and America.

The 54-year old today remained musically neighboring also by working with Swiss drummer legend Charly Antolini connected. Max Neissendorfer transferred his joy of improvisation, his timing and his feeling for phrasing on the song until the mid of 1990s. While he made particularly acrobatic scat singing deposits his trademark. This was not by all colleagues and organizers immediately understanding: many didn’t think: now who even sings! “.” Because in the jazz singer are not often perceived by instrumentalists as full-fledged musicians. The voice but the most natural and most direct tool is for me. As Opera and chanson-fan, I have started singing in my adolescence and had always need to live out this passion on stage. Only piano to play, seemed to me as if I’d only on one leg go. “, admits Neissendorfer.

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