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Thai Massage

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Thai massage – a very widespread form of treatment in Thailand. Traditional Thai massage – this is not the continuation or initiation of sexual services, and an ancient system of healing effects. Like many ancient systems such as yoga and qigong yndiyskaya basically it contains sznaniya of energy lines running through the whole body. Methods of influence on the acupressure points that are controlling and these flows. These flows are distributed and a special way and are associated with all organs of the body vnetrennimi, so that by acting on them, you can have a positive impact, with the pleasant state is achieved rassablennosti. In Thai massage is less than classic resort to mechanical stress on the muscles cheloveka.Bolee emphasis on the field of energy that are considered major meridians in Chinese medicine. For Thai massage uses no oils and creams. Only occasionally special herbal extracts that enhance the effect of massage.

The main results of the traditional Thai massage the patient's feelings on a spiritual level (the restoration of internal balance harmonization of the nervous system). Closely associated with akopressuroy and reflexology, as a result of unique technique (exotic, like the entire east), Thai massage, in some cases has a much better improvement, than conventional forms of massage (think how long get old Chinese women and Japanese women: up to a very mature, they look like young girls.) The principles of Thai massage: Excessive stretching of muscles can cause damage. After some practice it becomes clear that each person has his own threshold of pain, their sensitivity and flexibility.

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