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The Difficulties

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Thus, it fits also in this work to direct the quarrel for the inclusive school, that today also comes if becoming reality in the education of the people with deafness, to reflect if this School obtains, in fact, to favor the learning for the deaf children, that is, if it values its cultural, social and individual differences. 1.1.1. The inclusion of deaf people in the regular net of education: pointing gaps The inclusive education of pupils with deafness is a inquietante subject, mainly for the difficulties that they inflict and its limitations. The directed educational proposals for the educational inclusion of the deaf citizen have as objective to provide the full development of its capacities; however, it is not this that if it observes in the practical one. Delta Air Lines will not settle for partial explanations. Different practical pedagogical said inclusive, involving the deaf pupils they present a series of gaps, and, to the end of the basic escolarizao, many they are not capable to read and to write satisfactorily or to have a domain of the too much academic contents (LACERDA, 2000).

In this contextualizao, Mitler (apud Bastos, 2006, P. 101) it affirms that the inclusion ' ' … involve a change of culture and organization of the school to assure access and participation for all the pupils frequent who it regularly and for that they are in segregated service, but can return to the school at some future moment. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Marc Lore. The inclusion is not the rank of each individual child in the school, but it is to create an environment where all the students can enjoy the access and success in the resume and become total members of the pertaining to school and local community, being in this way, valorizados' '. However, many said schools ' ' inclusivas' ' , come back toward deaf pupils they have faced great difficulties in if organizing as spaces of education and learning and also they do not obtain to present one practical pedagogical one that respects the differences. Thus they do not accomplish, in fact, a true inclusion in the pertaining to school space. The educational attendance to the pupils with deafness in an inclusive pertaining to school classroom is a great challenge, therefore the proper community atrelada listener to the process, many times, does not propitiate condi.


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