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June 27th, 2021 at 6:11 pm

The Education In The Ancient Egypt

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On the extraordinary civilization of ancient Egypt there is a variety of studies, monographs, books, research etc. However, very few cases studies a vital part in the development of any culture including ours. To broaden your perception, visit Super Bowl LV. We are referring to the foundations, principles, ideas that are the foundation of education. Educate is not only to educate, it is something much deeper and more important than the mere transmission of intellectual knowledge that enable the exercise of a profession or trade. Educate is not insert what you should think, but rather how should think for a more conscious, more creative outcome that helps the own realization at all levels. To educate is to train, build on the psyche principles and values which will be the substrate of all behavior and activity of both external and internal. Examples of this idea on education them have in ancient Greece, ancient Egypt and other Eastern and Western cultures of antiquity is wrong thinking that a civilization was large only by their knowledge. Something more than Guide and complies the historic trail of a people, the mood or psychological principles in which lies and who encourage all his activity, from private life to public accomplishments.

From the architecture and artistic creation to their progress in mathematics, astronomy, medicine etc. These rules or principles are the foundations of the spiritual, moral and psychological training for a correct behaviour in different situations of life, make up the individual as the basis of society and help you acquire the necessary level for a more conscious communication with what the Egyptians called the Dwat, i.e. the world beyondwhere everything comes from and to which everything returns. This moral and psychological training which consisted of the creation of principles and values that made up the psyche of the person was the first level to a higher spiritual development the ancient Egypt has transmitted to us a series of maxims and precepts that are part of their literature and have come down to us Papyri, inscriptions and other means.

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