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July 22nd, 2019 at 8:11 pm

The German Drinking Songs King Is Back

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The new single from Zascha – today I pour me converts in the footsteps of the great Karl Dall and Zascha says: today I am pouring out to me! As a lover of Ms. Meier”, he started his career in 2001 and became the shooting star of the scene of hit of the party. “With songs like Dear God in heaven”, the heartache Polka and especially by Zascha’s unforgettable hit mix “he became the King of German drinking songs. And now, Zascha proves his drinking, because his new title expresses what many party fans often think: today I am pouring out to me. There are good reasons, sometimes over the thirst to drink, plenty. Whether for pleasure or out of frustration at the latest after the third beer worries are forgotten and the party in progress. And so the Party really gets going, Zascha contributes the appropriate soundtrack.

Today I am pouring out to me”succeeded in a party-ready cover version of the classic by Karl Dall the sympathetic Palatine, which goes immediately into the ear, throat and the dance floor (Cha-Cha-Cha!). Today I pour me to”links seamlessly on the success of his last title at. The good-mood-song from the treasure chest of the German Schlager combines all the elements that already Zaschas the last hit, the heartbreak-polka (for more than 1000 years) “made to the marquee and party crackers.” Fat beats, a known melody and a text with which the party guests can identify. Because we are honest: who of us would like to is not to simply times quite sensitively fill? The title appears again about HITMIX.de music team Erich oxler and Stefan Possnicker this makes the entire promotion as well as the coupling work on physical and digital samplers. Source: Zascha homepage for more information see

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