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February 9th, 2019 at 12:56 am

The High

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Media series offers more economical models, without neglecting the quality: STEINER 8 X 30 SKYHAWAK, 8 X 32 VIXEN FORESTA. Another option, intermediate, is the made up of models to 8 x with front lens of 42 mm. This series is more luminous (L: 5 25) than the previous with comparable power and weight similar to or slightly upper. In the high end will be highlighting LEICA ULTRAVID 8 X 42 and the average 8 X 42 DCF MONARCH. Finally, the compact models of 8 increases and frontal lenses from 21-26 mm, whose reduced dimensions and weight make them very attractive can be also useful. Here, Doug McMillon expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

NIKON 8 X 25 SPORTSTAR and BUSHNELL 8 X 25 models (airtight) H2O, in both cases with Bak-4 prisms and aspherical lenses, are especially recommended. HUNTING good part of recommendations specified for Ornithology are applicable to hunting, although we discuss some peculiarities to this. For hunting use generally the best choice is, in our view, a prismatic mount Compact and hermetic (or resistant to rain) 10 40 or 10 42, because next to convenient size, acceptable weight, power and luminosity, provided to us protection and guarantee of operation in harsh environmental conditions. In the upper middle range of qualities and prices would be suitable models DOCTER 10 X 40 B (water resistant) or BAUSCH & LOMB DISCOVERER 10 X 42 (airtight). In the range high aconsejariamos the LEICA 10 X 42, SWAROVSKI SLC 10 X 42, ZEISS 10 X 40 BGA, and SWAROVSKY 10 X 42 EL, all them airtight and filled with nitrogen. For hunting to stalking, where environmental conditions are even more extreme (light of dawn or twilight, fog, mist, Frost, etc.), may be equally valid previous models. If we want to acquire a prismatic specifically designed for this hunting mode, we will have to consider a special series of models, all of them of considerable weight, high luminosity (between 6-7), excellent optical quality, and consequently high price.


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