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May 28th, 2020 at 4:33 pm

The Sky

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Ash, dark, brown brown clearly, yellow, Blue beige and. Some type of blue: ' ' Since the blue-white to the blueone; ' , it thought. A nugget d' water touched the face of Obur. Exactly knowing of tor that it was for I came, suddenly it sighted countenances transcorrendo the bush and it decided for being stopped, quiet. It was lain down in the fertile land not to be sighted. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Doug McMillon by clicking through.

It did not believe saw the indians. They were indians as well as it. They had practically the same physical complexity, were painted and with some things in the hand. It tried to see what it was but it did not obtain. They were all revirando the land, raising fallen trunks and twigs, going up in trees. It seemed that they were the search of some thing or somebody.

' ' But they were not all deceased? ' ' it was inquired, confused. ' ' I must show to me? It will be that they are of my Tribe? It will be that to accept they go me? ' ' , all the questions hammered its head. ' ' It does not interest me, I want to be with eles' '. It was enough Obur to think about if raising, however, that an immense flash almost cut the sky already without light. As well as Obur, all the indians had looked at for top. After that, after the flash, a thundering racket. It seemed that the sky was falling. Scared, the indians adentraram in the bush and had disappeared in the same way as they had appeared. Obur sighted the indians running. ' ' They wait me. Please, they come back! ' ' , it cried out, but the racket of the sky falling stifled its shouts. Person without illusions, Obur lay down itself again to the soil. He did not cry. But he lay down themselves again to the soil and remained immovable, inside of itself, leaving that the water of rain touched in its body. It woke up I sing with it nocturnal of bacurau. Still he was tired. ' ' I find that sonhei' '. He did not delay to arrive at its destination.


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